A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Thick Sensory Blanket

Do you suffer from anxiety or trouble sleeping? Are you looking for a solution to help calm your nerves and get a better night’s rest? Look no further than the thick sensory blanket. These blankets have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. They offer a comforting weight that can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia. However, with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the factors to consider when selecting the perfect thick sensory blanket.

1. Weight

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a thick sensory blanket is weight. Your blanket should weigh approximately 10% of your body weight, which can provide the right amount of pressure without feeling overwhelming. If you’re unsure of your ideal weight, start with a lighter blanket and gradually increase as needed. Keep in mind that thicker blankets will weigh more, so if you prefer a thicker blanket, you may need to go down a size to ensure it’s not too heavy.

2. Material

The material of your blanket can also play a role in your overall experience. Many thick sensory blankets are made of a combination of polyester and cotton, which is both soft and durable. Others may be made of bamboo or minky fabric, which can offer a luxurious feel. Consider factors such as breathability and texture when selecting the right material for you.

3. Size

Thick sensory blankets come in a variety of sizes, from small lap blankets to oversized king-sized options. Consider the size of your bed or couch, as well as your personal preferences, when selecting the right size. Keep in mind that larger blankets may be more challenging to wash and store than smaller options.

4. Tactile Features

One of the unique aspects of thick sensory blankets is the tactile features they offer. Some blankets may have bumps or textures that can provide additional sensory input, while others may have a smooth, silky feel. Consider which tactile features appeal to you, as they can affect your overall experience with the blanket.

5. Maintenance

Finally, consider the maintenance required for the blanket. Many thick sensory blankets are machine washable, while some may require special care. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing to ensure you’re up for the upkeep required. Additionally, consider the warranty or return policy before making a purchase, as you’ll want to ensure you can return the blanket if it doesn’t meet your needs.


Overall, a thick sensory blanket can be a great investment for those seeking comfort and relief. By considering factors such as weight, material, size, tactile features, and maintenance, you can select the perfect blanket for your needs. Remember that every person is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Experiment with different options until you find the one that feels just right. Sweet dreams!

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